Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Femmeboy, One Word

Theme Quote Of The Day:
Gender should be dynamic.
Kate Bornstein

(Disclaimer: Not sure if that's paraphrased or not, but it IS one of her prevailing themes, so I'm going with it.)

I have struggled with just about every aspect of my life for as long as I've been aware that I'm not heteronormative in, well, pretty much any way, shape, or form.

I'm not skinny. I'm not straight. I'm not Christian. I'm not monogamous. I'm not cisgender. I'm not vanilla. I'm not a lot of things, and even now, as "enlightened" as I've become, I don't own all my weirdness. I don't deny it, but I have a bit of a fuck-you attitude towards the normies, and am still working on not hating those different from me. I don't always differentiate between confusion and prejudice, misunderstandings and disdain.

I'm plus-sized. I'm pansexual. I'm pagan. I'm polyamorous. I'm transgender. I'm kinky. THOSE are postive statements. I love me. I love my communities. I'm different from just about everyone in each of them; I NEVER claim to speak for any particular group; I'm politically incorrect, I curse a lot, and I'm a pretty angry person, and that's okay.

I'm working on owning myself.

I'm a femmeboy. I'm a drag queen in a woman's body, but not as well-dressed. I can't do my own makeup, I'm a hot mess, sometimes I'm an ugly mess, and all of that's okay.

It's okay to not be a 100% manly transman, or a 100% feminine transwoman. IT'S OKAY, DAMMIT.

I'm learning as I go, and I'm never gonna stop evolving. And I love that, as hard and scary as it is. It's okay, it's wonderful.

I'm 100% me. That's all I can, or will ever claim. I love that.

I hope you do too, even if you don't like what I have to say, because supporting those we don't agree with means we support everyone to be themselves, and to live and let live.

Just don't be mean.

Just don't cause harm - not even to yourself.

Own it, live it, love it.

I'll continue doing my best for the rest of my life.

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